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This is an extension of the OneLDAP project. To use this service, just login using an e-mail address or screenname according to the OneLDAP standard. It should also be in the list of supported domains. In addition, all AOL My eAddress domains are now supported, including the bring your own domain option.

You can log into any OpenID enabled website (LiveJournal) with the following:<yourloginhere>

View a list of more OpenID Consumers.

Advanced Usage

You can also use this server if you have an existing URL that you would like to use for your identity. Just add the following code to the "head" section of your HTML:

<link rel="openid.server" href="" />
<link rel="openid.delegate" href="" />

You will then login to a site that supports OpenID with the URL of the page that you added that code to.

Technical Details

This OpenID implementation is based on the OpenID code by J.P. Sugarbroad. The following modifications were made in order to make it an LDAP aware client:

  • Allows all remote OpenID sites to use this OpenID server for authentication (trusts everyone by default)
  • Utilizes LDAP PHP module instead of a static password
  • Parses and displays e-mail address from URL to be used during login
  • Uses the login username as the nickname and email attribute of the Simple Registration OpenID Extension

Files: ldap.php, openid.php, openid.lib.php


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