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Chart Masher

ChartMasher is still in beta, so we want you to tell us what else you'd like to see.

Problem Statement: There are many public data sets published by government and other sources on the internet. These exist in many formats that range from well structured (XML) to no formal structure, in the form of HTML web pages and spreadsheets. Secondly, data visualization websites generally exist in two forms. They are extremely generic in that they allow a user to plot any type of data, but the user must properly format that data for the particular technology being used. They do not include any "preloaded" data to choose from. The second type of visualization website is topic specific. It is built with particular "preloaded" data sets like stocks, geographic regions, or whatever data that organization owns.

Both of these problems make answering big picture questions difficult. No websites let you explore diverse data sets easily. Mere mortals cannot convert data sets into common formats and build graphing engines around that new format. Ploting this data along with significant events to understand cause and effect is even more difficult.

Solution: ChartMasher. Want to plot Carbon Dioxide levels vs. the price of Health Care? Unemployment vs. the Stock Market? Medical Costs vs. Tuition Costs? Meanwhile annotating who was President at the time? ChartMasher does all this. In addition it shows statistical information, such as how strong or weak these two data sets are correlated.

Mash Time Based Data Sets


Oil Imports All Data
Medical vs. Tuition

We were also able to do some fact checking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you add a data set for me?

Probably. First, the data must be pubically available. Secondly, it helps if the data is already available in series form, not a table of Month vs Year. Thirdly, we prefer inflation adjusted or real data, but realize that requires periodic updates.

I own a data set I'd like included, can you do that?

We are very interested in working with non-profits, researchers, and other groups that have unique data sets.

Why am I having problems with really old data sets?

This is a known issue with PHP. Dates prior to 1902 can cause unpredictable results.

How do I save a chart?

Right now you need to take a screenshot. Windows 7 includes the "Snipping Tool" which makes saving it as a graphic pretty painless. We highly encourge including a link back to the page when possible (you can find a short URL at the bottom) so that as data is added or updated users can always see the most up to date version, and of course manipulate the data for themselves. The page and chart will render on modern mobile devices too!