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Appupdater Repositories


  • - Recommended, main repository
  • - Recommended for 64 bit systems, main repository for 64 bit apps
  • Seeds - Repository with major major software versions only, the applications are actually updated by another updater
  • SSL - For proxies that filter the standard repository, content is the same
  • Experimental - Repository updates can be released here for testing prior to general availablity
  • PC Welt Magazine - Unmaintained
  • Google Code - Unmaintained

Repository Rules

If these don't work for you, you can always create your own repository. If you are an application developer and want your app included please see the XML spec to create your own packages and then contact me for inclusion. These rules are designed to keep the database maintainable and to address the needs of most users. The rules may change at a later date if needed.

You can request a new application using the contact form.

  • Only Windows (supported versions) English programs
  • Only stable software (no betas)
  • Software must be publically downloadable (no passwords, registration, or web forms)
  • No plugins unless they have their own installer
  • No drivers
  • No duplication of Windows Update/WSUS patches
  • No spyware or trial versions
  • New applications may be added upon request if it meets the above criteria
  • New version information may be added through the automated reporting function if enough submissions are made

Supporting Data Files