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Package Installer Comparison

Package Application WindowsLinuxRequires Root/AdminPublic ServerPackage SignaturesOffline SupportApplication Auto-detectSilent RunningUpdate CheckingFilesystemHTTPFTPCustom Server/Packages
Appupdater XX+*#XXXXXXXXXX
Chocolatey X-XX---XXXX?X
Ninite Pro X-*#XXX-XX-X--
Ninite Updater X-*#XXXX-X-X--
FreeApps X-*#X?--?--X--
Apt-get/Dpkg -XXXXX-XXXXXX
Autopackage -X-N/A-X---X--X
InstallPad X-#X-----XXXX
Secunia PSI X-XX?-XXX----
Unattended X-#--++N/AX-XXXX
Wpkg X-N/A---XXXX--X
WinApp Manager X-?X-?@?X?X??
XYes, supported
-No, not supported
N/ANot Applicable
*For Package Application Windows installer only
#For installers that require administrator access only
+Requires new repository information for Linux
++Can be modified for offline use
@Only those with Windows registry entries
Package ApplicationName of Package Application
WindowsRuns on the Windows operating system
LinuxRuns on the Linux operating system
Requires Root/AdminPackage Application must be run as administrator or root
Public ServerPackage information is publically available on the internet
Package SignaturesDigital signatures are supported (example: PGP)
Offline SupportPackage information can be pre-downloaded and installation can occur when offline
Application Auto-detectInstalled applications are detected even if they weren't installed with the Package Manager
Silent RunningCan be run in a non-user interactive mode
Update CheckingAbility to check for updates of already installed packages
FilesystemCan access package information from the local filesystem or network drive letter
HTTPCan access package information from a HTTP server
FTPCan access package information from a FTP server
Custom Server/PackagesAbility to create and distribute custom packages