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This is a summary and listing of projects that I have worked on.

NEWWealthScore - Like a credit score, but for your wealth.

NEWChartMasher - Create your own charts based on preloaded public data sets.

GeoTrace - Locate a website, IP address, or hostname in the real world with Google Maps

Appupdater - A utility to automatically update your Windows software

Cloud Export - A tool to automatically extract your data from web applications

Store Nabber - Make a shopping list and 'nab' extactly what you need at the store

US National Debt Counter - The most accurate National Debt Counter on the internet

FreeGallery - A simple PHP based gallery system

DNS Check - Check the DNS configuration for a domain

Mail Encryption Check - Check if a domain supports the use of TLS Encryption

DC Metro - Analysis and maps of Metro Rail

Podcast Generator - Convert a YouTube channel or any website into podcast.

Veronica Mars Filming Locations - A map of filming locations in San Diego for the TV show Veronica Mars.

OpenID - An LDAP aware OpenID implementation designed for use with LDAP servers like OneLDAP

Metalink - Various software tools and specifications for more reliable downloads

Where Am I? - Find out where I am on a map in real time

CCR Viewer - Continuity of Care Record (CCR) Web Viewer

pam_otpsmtp - Send one time passwords via email from Linux

AIM Security - Generate Personal Certificates to encrypt your conversations in AIM

NOC Weathermap - A network monitoring tool based on MRTG and RRD

libical - A PHP implementation of the iCal Standard (RFC 2445)

OneLDAP - An LDAP gateway to standard protocols like POP3 and IMAP

ftraceroute - This Python script acts as a fast traceroute program, similar to the traceroute command

Smart Card Manager - A Smart Card Manager for Windows

Cyg-get - A script to manage packages from within Cygwin

Garmin to Google Earth - A script to convert Garmin XML to Google Earth XML

Image Verify - A PHP tool for preventing HTML form abuse

Cantenna - How to build two types of cantennas

MythTV - How to build a MythTV box using Ubuntu/Debian Linux

SpamAssassin with IMAP - How to setup SpamAssassin for IMAP folder based learning

OpenLDAP Fix for RedHat 9.0 - RPMs that fix the TLS bug in RedHat 9.0